Appa Life

Quality Control

Quality comes first at Appa Life. We are heavily invested in quality control and third party testing our products. 

Our manufacturing facility is located in Locust, North Carolina. The building is brand new, and is currently working towards earning a cGMP certificate (FDA's Current Good Manufacturing Practices). While having a GMP certificate is not mandatory for USA dietary supplement manufacturers, we strive to go above and beyond for our customers, especially when it comes to quality and safety. 

Every product that leaves our facility has a set of third-party Certificates of Analysis (COA) that are available online. We provide test results for the cannabinoid potency of our final products and full-panel test results for our crude extracts, distillate, and isolate (including cannabinoid potency profile, microbials, mold, heavy metals, residual solves, and pesticides/herbicides/insecticides).  


Full Spectrum Crude

CBD Isolate

750mg Full Spectrum - Liquid Lullaby

250mg Full Spectrum - Liquid Lullaby

750mg Isolate - Liquid Lullaby

250mg Isolate - Liquid Lullaby

200mg Pain Relief Salve