Appa Life

Origin Story

Hi! I'm Kelsey, the founder of Appa. I think the way our country approaches pain management, sleep, and recovery is absurd, and I'm on a mission to change that. 

I've been an athlete all my life. In fact, I am currently training to break the women's 500m rowing world record! While I love the intensity of my training, my body is often sore and in pain.

As athletes, we know this-  Pain is just a part of sport. But having watched a handful of teammates become addicted to opioids, and knowing the extent of the opioid crisis in America, I don't believe that drugs and pills are the solution to our pain problem.

I began using CBD five years ago for pain relief, recovery, and quality sleep. CBD has been instrumental to my athletic and cognitive performance. But my experience using CBD has shown me three big problems in the industry:  (1) a lack of supply chain transparency,  (2) an inability to trust brands due to a lack of regulation, and (3) a lack of understanding about what CBD actually does.

In March 2018, I set out to create a brand specifically for athletes and top-performers that addresses these three big issues. At Appa, we promise to be transparent with our supply chain practices, to create the highest quality CBD products for lifelong athletes, and to always educate before we sell. 

We envision a world where every body moves without pain, and we believe CBD is part of that solution.  

Kelsey Kruse
CEO and Founder