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The Appa Life Sleep Ritual

The Appa Life Sleep Ritual

Use CBD Intentionally

CBD is a useful wellness tool. At Appa Life, we believe that CBD is a part of the wellness arsenal, and is best used alongside consistent proper nutrition and consistent proper exercise. **CBD IS NOT A CURE-ALL.** While today’s CBD marketing wants you to believe that CBD is the solution to every problem for every person, that is just not the case.  

In fact, the omnipresence of CBD gummies, CBD brownies, CBD candies, CBD alcoholic beverages, etc. actually offsets the medicinal benefits of CBD. The whole point of taking CBD is to reduce inflammation and to restore homeostasis in the body’s natural systems. When CBD is taken with loads of sugar, the whole anti-inflammatory benefit is defeated.

At Appa Life, we believe that CBD is a medicine and is to be treated as such. We don’t believe that it should be infused in every single thing that you consume. We don’t believe that you need to take it several times a day. On the contrary, we believe that CBD is most effective when used in conjugation with proper nutrition and proper exercise, and is another powerful tool to promote wellness.

We are all about #intention here at Appa Life. When you consume CBD, we hope that you are intentional in doing so. CBD is incredibly effective at reducing inflammation, promoting a sense of calm in the body, and helping you relax. Next time you take Liquid Lullaby or another CBD product, take a deep breath before doing so, check in with yourself and set your intention. Then let your body do the rest.

The Appa Life Sleep Ritual

How we do #sleep at Appa Life

Charge your phone in your living room. Do not bring it into your bedroom.


Sit on the edge of your bed. Take a big, deep breath.

Flutter those lips, and shake that tension out of you.

Take a deep breath. Exhale. Repeat as many times as needed.

Ask yourself, "What went well today?"

"What could have gone better?"

What did you learn, how did you grow today? 

Pause. Ask. Listen. 


Pick up your Liquid Lullaby.

Remind yourself why you started your journey.

Fill up the dropper, and place Liquid Lullaby under your tongue. Hold it there for three deep, long breaths.


Now let your body do the rest.


Sweet dreams,


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